About us

Born from a passion for healthy living and eating, exercise, BBQ (Braai), connecting with nature and bringing friends and family together through food, we wanted to develop a product that would portray this, enhance it and also to educate the world about our culture.  In South Africa people have been gathering around fires for generations and this is where stories are told and friendships are developed. You will find the first thing always on the menu is Boerewors (Farmers Sausage). We see Boerewors not only as a delicious sausage but also as a reason for loved ones to come together and a symbol of togetherness. 

Boerewors has been around for generations, introduced to South Africa from the Dutch back in the 1600’s, their version of the sausage is called verse worst (fresh Sausage). South Africans took it on as their own, modifying the recipe using basic select beef and any pork available.  SOL sausage is a result of taking a traditional South African Boerewors recipe and finding the best of the best ingredients,grown and raised in the USA, recreating the sausage and elevating it so that it can compliment a healthy lifestyle in the great outdoors, while bringing friends and family together. 

To find out more about our meats and our ingredients please visit our ingredients page.  We are proud to confirm we have a patent pending for our recipes as the first company introducing the Boerewors style sausage using Wagyu Beef.  We are currently located in Austin Texas but supply the whole country of the U.S.A.  We appreciate any feedback and would encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or requests. We are here to serve and perfect our craft.  Our sausage pairs extremely well with most beers and wines, including white wines but not of the sweet variety.  Our sausages are best enjoyed on a grill outdoors and in nature after your choice of exercise.